SAH 2024 Annual International Conference


For Session Chairs & Speakers

Important documents and key dates related to your role as a session chair or speaker are located below for your reference. If you have questions, please contact Christopher Kirbabas.

If you will be traveling from visa-requiring countries, we encourage you to APPLY FOR A VISITOR VISA AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as there may be processing delays. 




Key Dates

**Session chairs: Please see the full schedule in the Session Chair Guidelines document above.

15 August 2023: Speaker and session chair registration opens

15 August 2023: Annual Conference Fellowship applications open

30 September 2023: Deadline for speaker and session chair registration

30 September 2023: Deadline for Annual Conference Fellowships

30 September 2023: Deadline for speakers to edit submitted abstract (300 words or less, no footnotes) to Christopher Kirbabas

4–10 October 2023: Session chairs contact speakers regarding the progress of their papers

5 January 2024: Speakers submit complete drafts of papers to session chairs

9 January 2024: Registration for tours and events at the conference opens

9 February 2024: Session chairs return papers to speakers with comments and suggested revisions, plus contact information for other speakers in the session

8 March 2024: Copies of session papers distributed by speakers to all speakers in their session

18–20 April 2024: At the Speaker and Session Chair Breakfast, session chair collects final presentations (if not done already) to load on laptop to be used during the session




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